This is my personal blog. I'm a 23 year old fitblr who lost 40 pounds// From the Netherlands//
Gay as fuck//
Trying to get my master degree// Loves to party// My blog is a combination of fitness, lesbian stuff, quotes, hot girls, tattoos, snapbacks and stuff I find inspiring// instagram: Kell_sss//
Ask me question if you want to know something, but before you do, read my faq first!
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  • I was just wondering if your starting wait was 160 how much do you weigh now and how long did it take?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I lost about 40 pounds. A bit more, cause im now 110-115… it took me 4-5 months. This is all in my faq…

    How did you lose so much weight so fast???

    Asked by Anonymous

    Just ate healthy and worked out…

    What are you thinking about yoga?

    Asked by Anonymous

    I totally love yoga! Its great for my body and my mind:)

    I didn’t had any sleep and it is almost 6.30 am… I just got up to get a shower, cause I know if I stay in bed I will fall asleep and I’m not able to wake up at 8.30… So I have the choice between playing on my phone and maybe waking up Kerstin or just take a shower…

    It is going to be a looooooong day!

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