stephchealey: Your before and after pics are amazing! You should be really proud of yourself. Also, loving the police hat.

Thank you:) That’s a difference of 40 pounds. Still not where I want to be, but it’s a start!

Haha I love it too!

Anonymous: Hi just wanted to know if I hold a squat does that make ur bum bigger?

Hold a squat? Like stand in the squat position for a longer time? I have no idea, but I don’t think it anyone wants to do that for fun, cause it’s hell!

But doing squats will shape your but and yeah it makes your but bigger.

Anonymous: Well hello there, amazing person with a blog perfection! I hope you won't mind a question: How much is "enough" eating if I burn about 250; 350; more calories a day? And what are these salams you're posting, as far as I've seen they're max 70% meat?

You need to eat according your BMR. Look at my answered ask, there is a explanation about BMR and a link. I think I will make a special page about it on my blog this weekend, cause I get this question a lot. But if you burn 250 calories, you need to eat back those 250 calories.

You mean those on the sandwich? Well I don’t eat them myself, cause I don’t like it. But it looked good. Yeah they are processed a lot!

But that is with a lot of meat. So when I eat meat, I only eat organic meat.

noah1984: Do you have a before and after pic?



Anonymous: unhappy with my legs everyone just says its in my genes as my mums the pear shape. I have done loads of exercise and eating clean but they arent getting smaller. And I dont know what to do do I accept they not going to get smaller? thanks

No, it’s not in your genes. Fuck genetics. You can get them smaller.

But are they really muscular or do you still have some fat left. Cause if you still have some fat left, you only can lower your body fat, by working out and eating healthy. And yeah some parts of your body take longer to slim down…

themexicanduck: you are inspirational

Thank you very much:)

Anonymous: A guy told me I was the fattest girl he has ever been with! I went in a diet and I am losing weight (a lot) NOT because What he said, i gonna show him that i can be the sexies girl he Will NEVER have! People should think twice before speak, there is a hundred of girl committing suicide for that stupid comments!

Wow what a fucking ass! I would have kicke him in his balls but Im not soo friendly sometimes.
yeah some people are just fucking rude!